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2009 - the year that was - DEC newsletter

Post by The Fishin' Magician on Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:57 am

With less than 13 days to go till we kiss 2009 good bye and welcome in 2010 I thought I would send off on last newsletter to all those kayak anglers out there.

2009 brought with it some great days and some not so good ones. The Cape of Storms has really been living up to its name in these last couple of weeks with most days proving to be unfishable. But we definitely had more good than bad. 2009 saw a lot of anglers getting to wrestle fish that they thought would never be possible. Buffelsbay gave us a fair share of action with some good snoek catches out on the kayaks.

The most memorable being a spur of the moment trip, one Friday afternoon. A comment on a forum saw anglers from all corners of the Peninsula, dropping what ever they were doing and meeting up at Buffels 2 hours later. The spontaneity was rewarded with some people getting their first snoek from a kayak in absolutely perfect conditions.

But the snoek were not the only fish Buffels had to offer. Rudolph managed to land an un-official kayak angling record Red Roman. After a two week dry spell, he managed to boat a beast of 42cm (2.25kg).

Rudolph’s luck was also at a high point one lonely morning off 3-Anchor bay, with him boating a Bronze Bream (A Hottie) in excess of 2kg. (Or so we are told)

Further south, the Strand proved to be an excellent fishing spot with “Reel Screaming” action. Sean and Glen’s fetish for serious action was fulfilled by the boating of some nice Smooth hound Sharks. (Which I might add taste like chicken.) Apart from the sharks, Strand also saw some good Geelbek and Cob action around April. This saw anglers getting taken to pieces by the “bulldog bite” of the Geelbek.

Crayfish, the cockroach we all love so much, were plentiful at most spots through out the previous season. Popular spots such as Hangklip, Pringle Bay and Kommetjie were still yielding good sized crays at the end of the season.
But they say one should work for your food… and I know a good few paddlers that really got a work out for their supper. Late in the season, a group of paddlers set out to take the 4.5km row ( 9km in total) from Buffelsbay to Cape Point in search of some cray. The perfect conditions made the row there a breeze and most guys managed to get quota relatively quickly. Being caught up in the excitement of pulling massive crays, the guys did not notice the NW’ly wind joining the party. The row back proved to be more than what some bargained for. With the NW wind now reaching speeds in excess of 30km/h, the guys made their way back to the slip. Aching muscles were the last thing on their minds as the desperate paddle against the wind resulted in some members (no names will be mentioned, but you/we know who you are) lighting up the sky with their pencil flares. So agonising and nerve rattling was the experience that some guys have taken a while to get back onto the water.

A big thanks to Wayne who played “Tug Boat” and escorted / towed some of the paddlers back onto dry land. (Quite ironic to think that Wayne’s Surname is Benn, the same as the guy that used to guide the boats in through the Knysna heads.)

The Breede river has always been a highlight to any fisherman. Greg has dominated in this stretch of water with good catches of Grunter and Cob all year round. Greg also became the first Celebrity Angler from the Western Cape. He was the main feature (next to the fish) in a brilliant article on catching the elusive and often frustrating Spotted Grunter in the Go Fish Magazine. (Aug/Sept edition I think) But not be outdone, Greg’s other favourite stomping grounds has to be Langebaan.

Langebaan was good to most kayak fisherman this past year. It also played host to the in-augaral “Social” event of the Western Cape Kayak Anglers. The day was a great day out with the biggest fish being boated by Werner. With 23 Attendees, the water was littered with Kayak anglers, and although Nature Conservation put a dampener on things by not allowing us to call the Social a Competition, they were very helpful. Catches of the day consisted of the usual Langebaan suspects, but unfortunately no cob, Geelbek, Steenbras were caught during the day on the water. A big thank you to the sponsors of the event, VB’s Tackle (Vince) and Pixel Print (Steve).

Langebaan’s big stump did get to experience the luxurious facilities of a kayak hatch early in the season. (Sept/October) Fish in excess of 45cm were regularly boated and Jackie managed a Stump of 49cm if I recall correctly. Needless to say this holiday season will see more than enough kayak fishermen out on Langebaan lagoon. Please be safe as there is also a lot of boat traffic during this period of the year.

With the formation of the Western Cape Kayak Anglers (Club), we achieved goals that originally were only pipe dreams. The Club has resulted in the Western Cape kayak anglers being recognised by the more established kayak angling fraternities. Companies have contacted us to sponsor prizes for events and 2010 looks as if it may be one of note.
With 2 events already in the pipeline (3 Anchor Bay and Breede River - details to follow), 2010 looks like it could be “The Year of the Kayak angler”.

The sudden growth spurt in kayak angling down here in the Cape has also resulted in the formation of various new agencies and services for the kayak angling fraternity.

KAYAKFISH.co.za has burst onto the scene and is offering all things kayak related. The team offers a Full Charter Service, Private Clinics as well as the Sales of various brands of kayaks (Kaskazi kayaks, Stealth performance products and Pinnacle ski’s) and kayak angling equipment and accessories. You can contact Sean on his cell 083267487 or via email. sean@kayakfish.co.za

For those looking for a Macski, Greg has secured the agency and will gladly put you in a Macski. Not only does he do demos, he also sells accessories. Give him a call on 0825694645.

So as we say Cheers to 2009, and welcome in 2010 (world cup and all), I wish you all a great Holiday season, may you and your families be blessed and may the fish at the end of the line be bigger than what you hoped.
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