Foam in Stealth kayak? Advice needed

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RE:Foam in Stealth kayak? Advice needed

Post by whitewash on Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:35 pm

Alex, I sent your question to the experts at Stealth and this was the response from their chief builder:

1. We never ever foam fill ski's
2. I know of 1 guy who had done this, then sold his ski. Not a good idea at all. It adds weight and when it gets wet, it will break your back.
3. It will be mission impossible to seperate the ski and remove it.


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Foam in Stealth kayak? Advice needed

Post by Alex on Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:50 am

There's a Stealth Supalite in Mossel Bay I may be buying when I go down there next month. R3000 seemed like great price to me. BUT...the owner has told me that he has had foam injected into the hull....this immediately makes me cautious. Apparently it hasen't added much to the weight of the kayak, but if the foam were ever to get waterlogged it would make the kayak impossible to lift and just about useless.

Three questions...

1. Is this foam thing a common practice?
2. Has anyone ever had any experience of this, and do you think its a good idea?
3. How easy is it to take a kayak apart and possibly remove the foam?


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