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Post by Sean Wethmar on Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:15 pm

Hi All

KAYAKFISH is currently looking for a suitable new home along Beach Rd cry , unfortunately Nice Ice Cream has bought the premises fishslap and not to avoid the inevitable we are moving out shortly. There is unfortunately nothing else suitable currently along Beach rd right now scratch , hoping something comes available in the next few months.

It's not that serious!! Nothing changes!!Until such time as a new premises is found KAYAKFISH will still be in operation so nothing changes just the venue.
KAYAKFISH operational hours are still any hour and not just limited to 9-5pm, time must be booked prior though and arrangement to meet either at the New Storage Shop just off beach rd very close to Blakes Beach further down or at my residence in Strand where the "item display" of everything needed will also be.
Clinics and that will still take place,....I cant stress enough and will repeat "nothing changes"!

Any questions, just give me a call. beach

Whoop Whoop!

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