100 salt water species

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100 salt water species

Post by Sean Wethmar on Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:24 am

Challie wrote:haaaaaaaaaaaaai bo... Seano. looks like i have to get down to you for some fun fishing... would love to challenge a few of your local species and have a blast.
think we have to plan a potential weekend or a few days somewhere to catch a few cape snoek and any other willing specimens.
Not sure if you up to date but got a blog runnig on my website and my challenge is 100 salt water speices.... fishing

Sounds like fun! No problem Challie, just say when and i will hook you up Wink. But remember Snoek becoming scarse soon so may have to be May next year if not very soon. cob, Geelbeck and elf and other rats and mice available now though but guess you get those in durbs anyways! beach
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